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Event Branding | Florida State University's Homecoming is an annual event that unites the school with a week of tradition and spirt around campus. The campaign advertises big events such as Warchant, Powwow, and the General Homecoming artwork to promote the entire week of Homecoming. 

Homecoming 2015: Lead Designer on the DSA Marketing Design Team. Theme: 'Garnet and Golden Age'.

Homecoming 2016: Lead Designer and Project Manager on the DSA Marketing Design Team. Theme: 'A Living Legacy'. 

Homecoming 2017: Art Director on the DSA Marketing Design Team. Theme: 'Spirit of Unity'. 

Print Material: Posters, Handbills, Vinyl Banner, Billboard, Yard signs, Brochure, Invitations, Newspaper Ads.

Promotional Material: T-Shirts, Sunglasses.

Web Material: Snapchat Filters, Social Media Banners, Facebook Shareposts, Website Banners, Digital Billboards.